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Our state-owned vehicles shall be driven only by university employees and used for official state and university business only. All NC State University owned vehicles operate under NC Motor Fleet Management Regulations.

All drivers must possess a valid drivers license issued from within the United States.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

If a vehicle is needed to be picked up outside of our business hours, pick up the business day before between the hours of 3:30 and 5:00 pm at no extra charge.
Cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancelation fee. Departments that do not cancel within the designated time period will be charged the minimum daily fee for that vehicle.

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    When operating university-owned, leased or rented vehicles, employees of NC State are required to adhere to the procedures adopted by the North Carolina Department of Administration, Division of Motor Fleet Management. Based on Motor Fleet Management Regulations, State-owned vehicles may only be driven by State employees and used for official State business. State employees are defined as individuals working for the State of North Carolina, as applicable to their respective institutional employers, for wages and salary. Employees must receive a University payroll check in order to be considered an employee.

    Employees of other State agencies, receiving a payroll check from their assigned agency, may drive NC State vehicles. The State employee must have a responsible NC State employee reserve or assign the vehicle and oversee the vehicle operation.

    Students employed by the University who receive a salary or a payroll check may drive State vehicles while performing duties within the scope of the job for which they are being paid. Students, such as those on scholarship or fellowship, who are not employed by the University, are not allowed to drive State vehicles.

    Federal employees working with the University, such as USDA, USDI, USAF, USN, must make requests for federal vehicles from the Federal Motor Pool located in Raleigh. If a federal vehicle is not immediately available, then a federal employee contracted to do State business is allowed to drive a State vehicle until a Federal Motor Pool vehicle is available.

    Visiting lecturers, scholars, scientists, and professors with or without appointments, as well as adjunct and emeritus professors may drive State vehicles only if they are currently employed by the University and receive a University payroll check.

    Volunteers, persons working for the University, but not receiving a payroll check, may not drive State vehicles according to Motor Fleet Management Regulations.

    All operators of NC State vehicles must complete appropriate training and hold a valid North Carolina driver’s license with fewer than six points.

    If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please visit the Insurance & Risk Management website at, contact us by at email at, or by phone at extension 5- 6135.

    See full Terms and Conditions (PDF).

Rental Rates

Size Class





$ 0.59

$ 35.40

$ 619.50


$ 0.63

$ 37.80

$ 661.50


$ 0.65

$ 39.00

$ 682.50


$ 0.74

$ 44.40

$ 777.00


$ 0.66

$ 39.60

$ 693.00


$ 0.69

$ 41.40

$ 724.50


$ 0.69

$ 41.40

$ 724.50


$ 0.67

$ 40.20

$ 703.50


$ 0.67

$ 40.20

$ 703.50

*Daily minimum is 60 miles
**Monthly minimum is 1050 miles 

Rental Rate Comparison Calculator


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Hertz rate estimate includes the use of NC State discount CDP #2086910. Enterprise Rent-a-Car rate estimate includes the use of NC State discount account #XZ53666

* Vendor estimates include​ the rental​ rate, ​all applicable ​taxes​/fees​ and ​​an estimated ​fuel charge. ​​
* F​leet Services’​ ​estimates are all inclusive. A UV parking​ permit & gate​ ​​reader comes with all rentals (NC State​ ​University Campus parking only).​
* All Fleet Services’ rentals include a​ fuel credit card (WEX) for​ ​your trip. ​​Fuel prices are included in our​ rental rates. ​
* Customers are responsible for all fuel costs when using an outside vendor.